End of posting

Hello to everybody reading my post. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m going to stop writing my blog any further. I returned from San Francisco two weeks ago without any other problems;). I spent my last two weeks about which I didn’t write partly with my sister before she left, got to know Julia, said goodbye to the chinese guys and spent my last days with my friends I got to know in this gorgeous city. Thank you again for reading and here it all ends.

Ocean Beach

After we had eaten lunch in the Cheescake Factory we spent some time in several shops Nina wanted to show me. The rest of our Friday afternoon we strolled along Ocean Beach and had a great time there although a strong wind blew.


Art is great!

On Tuesday the 24th I spent my whole afternoon, which was about three hours, exploring the SFMOMA. But what’s really funny is the fact that I saw only one floor of the museum because I stopped for every painting. As I told Sandra and Martin how much time I had spent there they couldn’t really believe it and burst out laughing:(. But it doesn’t matter for me because I had a great time. Afterwards I left to pick up my sister Nina at the airport. I arrived there one hour too late due to some misunderstandings and not enough preparation. But finally we both arrived back at home talking to each other in Swiss-German, exchanging memories of the past weeks. The next day Nina stood up with us and we went to school all together. The morning she spent in XXI forever, whereas I was sitting in school. At one o’clock we met in front of NOMA and ate lunch in Yerba Buena Park. The first thing after the Park I wanted to show to my sister was the Haight-Ashbury. We went to Amoeba music store and several other shops but because Nina was still jet-lagged we returned home earlier this day. On Thursday I had the intention to go to the SFMOMA again. We bought the entry with an audio guide, which I highly recommend as they support you with much extra information and they are also a help for those who are too lazy to read the comments;)

Through a different world into the past.

Honestly, I forgot what I did on Monday. I’m not sure if I planned my week. What I’m sure about is that I went to Chinatown but maybe it was on Friday 20th where I knowingly made a gap in my blog because of unknown things. And in this moment I have become so clever to look it up. Due to the cleverness of my camera it dates every picture. So here’s the thing; I went to Chinatown on Friday the 20th and planned my week on Monday the 23rd, now I got everything right and can finally write about the experiences I made in Chinatown, after this unnecessary blabla I make…

I started my normal Friday with school in the morning and after lunch in Yerba Buena Park I sallied out for Chinatown. Although my guide-book didn’t recommend me to take Grant Ave. where the gate to China Town is, I went this way because I absolutely wanted to see this gate. Behind the gate you don’t step into the real China Town but in a thing which represents what Tourists want to see. The third most of tourist shops polluted area beside #1 Pier 39 and #2 Fishermen’s Wharf. But as you get the first crossroad the  touristic stores begin slowly to disappear, like scattering from the center right behind the gate. I walked untill I reached a bakery in which they sell Bubble Tea, here called Pearl Tea. I took one with Green Tea and Pearl. The malicious pearls, which I know from Switzerland should pop in your mouth, didn’t and rather sticked my teeth together with the texture of a gummy bear in some water. All in all the Tea had a sweet-milky taste of nothing. After I had bought and tasted the tea I remembered an old homeless woman who had taken such a drink out of the rubbish again, took some gulps and spat some black beads on the street. So like the person who had bought the “tea” before me I threw it in the next bin. I also took a short walk over Portsmouth Square, where I saw  a big part of the elder chinese community either playing bridge, meditating, sitting around or shuffling through the park. Afterward I went to the main shopping street, Stockton St., where the markets with all the curious things are. Sometimes I saw things looking like cucumbers but lying in a bowl filled with water. Sandra later told me that these are sea cucumbers which Chinese use to eat. In one of these little markets I also bought a fresh mango for only 69 cents! and some litchis.

As I am scrolling through the piles of photographs I see that I also went to the cable car museum this day. How fast I can forget such events! Here are some pictures and explanations:

Here you can see the huge wheels tearing the cables, which make the cable car move and give them their name.

Through the peephole you can have a look at some pictures made of San Francisco before the earthquake of 1906. Machines like this you could also use in the Musée Mecanique.

This kind of warning could have been found in every cable car before the earthquake.

After the earthquake in 1906 which had smashed major parts of the ancient city, also the cable cars got hit by the shaking. All the cars up to one got destroyed and only a last line was still working. The government made the decision to rebuilt only few cable car lines and just to reconstruct the streets. Some years after this decision had been made the government wanted to ban the cable car as such and replace them by bus transport lines. But a woman stepped into the discussion and her name was Friedel Klussmann. She managed to persuade the government that the cable cars could stay in San Francisco. Nowadays there’s a turntable in honor of Friedel Klussmann.

It’s a trap!

Saturday the 21st I had planned since the Monday before: Getting up early to go to the Farmer’s Market on Ferry Building Plaza and afterwards walking to the Musée Mecanique along the many piers. After I arrived to the Ferrybuilding I had another market in mind which I had seen before but on which I hadn’t had a closer look, so I gazed at the many market stands until I recognized another market surrounding the Ferry Building, much bigger than the one I had been walking through. So I crossed the street and dipped into the atmosphere of the real Farmer’s Market. The most numerous fruit I think I’ve seen there was the peach. Everywhere where there were some you could try them because there are like hundreds of different kinds of them. But peaches were not the only thing you could taste. My guide-book told me that you could eat yourself through the market because you can have a sample of nearly everything. I finished my walk through the Farmer’s Market with an unpleasant smoothie, which had only a taste like something indefinably sour. So I began my promenade down the Embarcadero passing several piers. From far away I could already see the many flags waving in the wind. As I came closer I could finally discern the lettering on them: “Pier 39”. In this moment I decided to turn right and get to know the biggest tourist trap of San Francisco. The spaces between the shops were stuffed with people and I’m sure none of them were from SF. All these shops there sell only souvenirs same as in Fisherman’s Wharf, the only difference is the package, the appearance of the store. It seems to be for an upper class and like that gathers richer tourists. At the other end of the Pier I could see the seals which centred themselves on one float and a single one on another float presenting itself  to the pack of which I was part of. Escaping the crowd I saw many people drawing, singing or making balloon animals along the further way. Once again I came to Fishermen’s Wharf in order to get to the Musée Mecanique. There were so many machines in the amusement  arcade I could nearly not see the end of them. For all of the machines you have to pay with quarters and luckily I didn’t spend too much of my money there. It was really interesting to see all of these games. The eldest one was not a game but a zoetrope showing a little girl skipping rope. Next day I went to church in the morning, the Glide Memorial Church famous for its gospel music where also parts of the Sister Act had been filmed. It was great as far as music is concerned. It’s not that the rest was bad but I can’t rate it because I didn’t understand everything they had talked about. At the end of the church service I went on to meet Leandra in front of our school. Together we took the bus to get to the Exploratorium, but because we got out of the bus too late, reached Golden Gate Bridge. But that wasn’t such a problem because I wanted to walk along the beach anyway. We had to hurry up a bit because as we arrived, it was already like 5 o’clock and the Exploratorium closes at 7. The exhibition in there was pretty interesting because it was like a lot of different experiments you could try. In the evening some new students arrived, two chinese guys, Stanley and Daniel. They are 16 and 15 and sometimes it’s really difficult to understand what they want to tell you and it was appalling to get to know how many things they don’t know or can’t have because they are living in China.


Not forgotten

I just wanted to tell you all that I haven’t forgotten to write my blog, it’s only the lack of time I have and in this moment I’m selecting all the pictures I made for the blog. Thanks to my sister who came last Tuesday and left this morning I’ve now a cable to reload my net book so their gonna be online until tomorrow.

And that I don’t forget three songs you absolutely have to listen to:

  1. Sail by Awolnation, very famous
  2. Home by Phillip Phillips    (both from the Olympics in London)
  3. Psychic Chasms(Anoraak Remix) by Neon Indian

Music, music, music

First of all I have to thank all the people who read my blog and especially those who wrote these great comments, Thank y’all ;). Last weekend I strolled through SF beginning at Powell St. going to the Piers, across ferry building market plaza, to Coit tower, where I wanted to meet Martin but it didn’t work out so I went on through Haight-Ashbury  to GG Park to have a look at the Conservatory of Flowers which is really worth to have a look at from the outside but the inside isn’t very impressive. I don’t recommend you to go to Coit tower on a weekend because of the crowd pushing into and up the tower. Although I didn’t went up the tower I could get a peek over the roofs of SF from the edge of the hill. On the next day I went to GG Park again to have a closer look at the Japanese Tea Garden which I do recommend, but it’s a pity that it isn’t so big. Afterwards me and Martin could finally manage to meet each other at the Academy of Sciences of California with a girl of his class, Leandra. The new earthquake exhibition is quiet interesting but the best was probably the Planetarium in which we could watch a short film also about the earthquakes from 1906 and 1989. The screen of the Planetarium is the biggest in the world and you can really just sit down and you won’t see the edge of the screen neither right nor left so it’s as if you were sitting in the movie! Great experience!!! After we had finished the movie we wet into the earthquake-house in which you could experience the two earthquakes on your own, also very cool! As we came out of the earthquake simulator they had already begun to close the museum. So we went on to Haight-Ashbury and took a walk down Haight St. where I bought some new pins for my bag:). I’ve planned to go to Haight-Ashbury again because I wanted to do a shopping trip through the second-hand stores. I skip Monday because then I planned my further week. On Tuesday I ate lunch with Sebastiano, Paolo and Anais in Yerba Buena Park, where I could snatch some views on the SFMOMA. Then we went to Fisherman’s Wharf where we discovered the Jungle Cafe, a cool Cafe which is decorated as if you were in the Amazon, with some electrically animated animals and sounds of thunder and pouring rain. Sure it’s a tourist trap but I think it might be a quite exciting experience. Haight-Ashbury is a neighborhood of which you can’t get enough so we went there again and into Amoeba Music Store, one of the music stores with the biggest music selection and the cheapest CDs I have ever seen. On this day I bought three CDs: Skeletons from the Closet by The Grateful Dead, ipu 96 by The Gossip(one of their earliest one’s) and At all Ends by Yellow Swans(experimental music in the clearing section why it cost only $3, but too experimental for me). Yesterday I went there again to buy even more music of Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin and the Talking Heads and spent the rest of the day entering and exiting weird to commercial shops on Haight St.. Today I ate lunch with some of my class and some of Martin’s class together in Yerba Buena Park. It was beautiful because the sky was clear the sun shone and sometimes a light breeze blew through the park making it extremely comfortable to lie there in the grass listening to some bands which were playing in the Park over Lunchtime. Afterwards I went back to skype with my charming sister and planing again my weekend. This evening I wanted to go to the SFMOMA because on Thursday evenings they have 50% off after 6pm but I didn’t go because I was so tired of having school and because I’m short of sleep. So have a nice morning\afternoon\evening no matter in which time zone you are in this moment!